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Argan De Luxe, a professional expert for hair care

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited.;
  • Time:03/13/2018


Argan De Luxe is undoubtedly one of the well-known brands of a professional and outstanding hair care factory – Colornow Cosmetic Limited. The exceptional feature of Argan De Luxe is to extract and use the nutritive argan oil, which is named as ‘liquid gold’. From thousands of years, the products of skin care and hair care, which are made by argan oil, always enjoy spectacular popular around the world. With the high technology, Colornow Cosmetic Limited manufactures Argan De Luxe series for caring and protecting the hair.


The Argan De Luxe contains plenty of prominent products, inclusive of Agran Oil Nourishing Shampoo, Argan Oil Nutrition Infusing Mask, Argan Oil Refreshing and Shining Spray, Argan Oil Non-Ammonia Permanent Hair Color, Argan Oil Curl Defining Cream, Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner, Argan Oil Hair and Body Serum and Argan Oil Extreme Smooth Treatment. All of the products are used for caring, moisturizing and nurturing the hair with rich and nutritive ingredients.


According to the formula of Agran De Luxe, argan oil is unquesionably one of the most essential elements in the formula of the series Argan De Luxe. Rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9, the series products of Argan De Luxe are specially made for keeping hair more beautiful and healthier.

More importantly, the products of Argan De Luxe are useful for rebuilding and refreshing the damaged hair to keep it shiny and smooth. After using these products, your hair will be glossy and sleek, full of vitality.


Rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 is the most salient feature of Argan De Luxe. As we all known, the argan oil is usefully for caring and nurturing the hair. Compared with the Oliver oil, Argan De Luxe enriches more Vitamin E. Similarly, Argan oil is good for the anti-aging effect on skin and anti-wrinkle effect on freckle. Also, it can be used for hair, good for moisturizing and brightening the hair.

Created and manufactured by the professional and unique hair products manufacturer Colornow Cosmetic Limited, Argan De Luxe especially for moisturizing and nurturing the hair is one of the most influential brands which is supported and praised by a lots of consumers, because of its useful effect, high quality products and suitable price.


With the notion of “Argan De Luxe, a professional expert for hair care”, the brand of Argan De Luxe is dedicated to keep the long-lasting protection of your hair, and leave your hair extraordinarily healthy and beautiful. If you are worried about the problems of your hair, you are advised to use Argan De Luxe, an EXPERT of protecting your hair entirely, and professional hair care products for all of you. The series of Argan De Luxe, you deserve it!