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Can I immediately dye my hair after bleaching it or do I need to wait?

  • source:Colornow;
  • Time:11/13/2018

colornow-hair-dye-productsMany of the popular 2018 hair colors are linked to bleaching. How often can bleached hair be redeye? After bleaching, can your hair be colored again? Do not be perturbed to change hair color, these problems Colornow natural hair dye product factory will help you to know!

The principle of bleaching and dying is to decolor hair and color again, so bleaching and dying themselves are almost carried out at the same time, dyeing hair after bleaching is a normal step.
However, if you have finished the whole process of dying and then want to immediately dye other colors, then it is not ok!

Bleaching itself changes the nature of hair, is considered to be a very bad hairstyle, can dye other colors under the circumstances, hope or do not choose to bleach. Want to dye hair word, had better be and perm separate do, time separates 3 days above had better, such can let the hair that dye comes out looks to be unlikely so bad.

How long will it take to dye your hair after bleaching?

More than 3 months, because the repair of the hair scale takes about 90 days.

What to watch: no more than twice a year, after all, chemicals can be harmful to the scalp. And dye hair more can harm hair follicle, can appear when the time comes to drop hair, alopecia phenomenon, so sometimes can not dye do not dye.

How long does it take to bleach your hair?

Bleaching takes about 45 minutes.

Bleaching can be divided into bleaching and dying. Bleaching is to wash out the original melanin in the hair, dying is to cover the required color on the original hair color. Naturally black hair changes from black to reddish brown, golden red, light gold, yellow, pale yellow, and finally to extremely light yellow (close to white).

Bleaching time has nothing to do with hair length, but rather with hair quality, and people who are born with darker hair may take longer.

Can the hair that bleached be waxed again fall color?

Will be.
Waxing after bleaching your hair will fade. Any waxing will fade after a period of time. Specific time should see the damage degree after hair bleaches and what color wax.

The reason:
Bleaching is to need to use a high degree of dioxygen milk with bleaching powder, using the opening of hair scales, damage the internal structure of the hair to achieve the effect of fading. After bleaching, the hair becomes dry and brittle. On such damaged hair whether be dye or wax, can fast fade. Because such hair is damaged by internal structure, the wool scales fall off too much, cannot lock color.