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Canton Fair, Here we were!

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/14/2018

In 2017, Colornow Cosmetic Limited, professional OEM hair color factory, participated in the 122nd Canton Fair. For Colornow Cosmetic Limited, the exhibition in Canton Fair was successful, gloriously successful.

2   cainu

(Argan De Luxe & Cynos)

In Conton Fair, we have the series of Argan De Luxe, a brand for protecting and caring your hair in a nutritive formula. Rich in the argan oil, the products of Argan De Luxe is specically manufactured for nurturing the hair and keeping the hair healthier, shinier and softer.

In Contan Fair, we have Cynos, a brand for shaping and reviving the new life and growth of the hair. Infused with lots of nurtive acids, the brand Cynos is created for cleaning and protecting the hair.

frh.png  hyk

In Canton Fair, we have the brand of Jalea Real De Luxe, one of the most influential brands in Colornow Cosmetic Limited. Jalea Real De Luxe is a brand for making the hair healthier and softer.

In Canton Fair, we have Freecia, which focuses on creating the best effect for all types of you. Infuse with natural oliver oil, Freecia is made for bringing the hair back to life again.

1   cainu1

(Keratonz & Madacamia De Luxe)

In Canton Fair, we have Keratonz, a brand for coloring and dyeing the hair with brilliant and vibrant colors. There are more than 13 types of colors avaible. You can choose the color that you want.

In Canton Fair, we have Madacamia De Luxe, which contains natural madacamia oil, leaving your hair beautifully refreshed, full of shine and silkly softeness.

waijmsao.jpg   waimao

(The foreign businessmen are remarkably interested in our products and ask for more information.)

ghyr.jpg   defr_1

(Some businessmen choose Colornow Cosmetic Limited as their international partner.)

In Canton Fair, lots of foreign businessmen showed interests in our professional products. They earnestly asked for more information about our products, and eventually they made the orders of our products. With the full end of 122nd Canton Fair, unquestionably, Colornow Cosmetic Limited also made a great success.


(There are lots of our foot prints round the world.)

As a matter of fact, Colornow Cosmetic Limited, an exceptional and prominent cosmetic products manufacturer, have participated in lots of business fairs, inclusive of Cosmoprof in Italy, Shanghai Exhibition, Canton Fair, Dubai Show, Fashion Exhibition in Las Vegas, Brazil Exhibition, Indian Show, Hong Kong Cosmp etc. For Colornow Cosmetic Limited, it focuses on providing the most professional products for all of you. More significantly, Colornow Cosmetic Limited never stop keeping moving in the way of creating more innovative and healthy products for customers.