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Colornow at Cosmoprof Asia 2015

  • source:admin;
  • Time:11/12/2015

On Nov. 11th, Colornow team with full of passions and pleasures participated Cosmoprof Asia HongKong 2015. In this exhibition, we presented a lot of world-class hair care branding products, such as Cynos, Argan de luxe, Re+5, Kerafill, Colorflame, Freecia, Activecare and so on, which are following different kinds of concepts and bringing pleasant surprises to all over the customers.

This exhibition coincided with Cosmoprof Aisa HongKong 20th Anniversary Celebration, we grandly launched Colorplex Hair Treatment and Activecare Hair Color Cream two new branding product to the market, which are a new professional salon service for professionals and convenient household hair color for consumers respectively, catch with massive amount of customers’ attentions,

Cosmoprof Asia established in 1996 in Hong Kong, Cosmoprof Asia is the first Cosmoprof event outside of Europe, as a result of a proactive strategy to export the success of Cosmoprof Italian brand throughout the world. Cosmoprof Asia today boasts leadership as the best international beauty trade fair on the Asian continent.

Colornow at Cosmoprof Asia 2015 02

Colornow at Cosmoprof Asia 2015 03.

Colornow at Cosmoprof Asia 2015 04

Colornow at Cosmoprof Asia 2015 05

Colornow at Cosmoprof Asia 2015 06

Colornow at Cosmoprof Asia 2015 07