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Colornow Cosmetic Limited, an outstanding and exceptional cosmetic products supplier

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  • Time:04/17/2018

Colornow Cosmetic Limited is undoubtedly an outstanding and professional hair color manufacturer in Chinese market for manufacturing and providing the hair products. One of the large multinational corporations in China, Colornow Cosmetic Limited is formally established in 2002, with its crucial notion of providing the most professional and exceptional products for all of you. Colornow Cosmetic Limited, more than 15-year history, is dedicated to manufacture the excellent, high-quality and salient hair products.

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With the development of Colornow Cosmetic Limited, Colornow Cosmetic Limited is gloriously successful. The exportation of Colornow Cosmetic Limited is brilliant and outstanding. Due to the close relationship with the foreign partner, Colornow Cosmetic Limited’s products are exported to North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Oceania.   

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A new product facility and laboratory of Colornow, in 2010, was set up in Toronto, Canada. The general headquarter of Colornow is located in Toronto, Canada and Asia Pacific headquarter is in Guangzhou, China. Our Canadian factory is dedicated to create, research and product the high-end cosmetic products, which gives our consumers an alternative for Made-in-Canada products.  In fact, Colornow Cosmetic Limited is continuously dedicated to provide the best quality products and services to all of you.

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Colornow Cosmetic Limited focuses on building up a good relationship with outer brands. The company has gone into friendly cooperation with lots of well-known company, such as Disney, Hot Topic, Revlon, Anatomicals, NPW, Coppola and so forth. Nowadays, because of the high quality products and excellent services, Colornow Cosmetic Limited enjoys great popularity both at home and abroad.

With years of professional manufacturing experiences followed strictly by GMPC and ISO standard, Colornow Cosmetic Limited, a prominent manufacturer, is committed to creating world-class hair products for consumers. Not only do we cooperate with reliable material supplier and get the international certificate, but we also have a strict quality control system to ensure the high quality product at all time.

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Until now, Colornow has a raw material company, an import and export trade, two sales companies and six domestic branches. The brands, including Argan De Luxe, Cynos, Yougee ,Naturies, Freecia, Keratonz, Kerafill etc., popularized in the local market. The staff is more than 350 people. Similarly, there is a modern manufacture covering an area of more than 15,000 square meters in Qixinggang Industrial Park, Luogang Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,guangzhou, China. 


Specializing in the products of hair dye, perm, shampoo and treatment, Colornow Cosmetic Limited concentrates on building its exceptional brand for consumers. In strict accordance with customers’ demand, Colornow focuses on providing high-quality services including design, package, production, warehousing, and transportation.


Nowadays, the brand products in Colornow Cosmetic Limited are well-sale in the domestic market. Enjoying a good popularity, Colornow Cosmetic Limited establishes a good and long-term relationship with more than 30 countries, inclusive of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany etc.


More significantly, the concept of Colornow Cosmetic Limited is to implement the idea of people-oriented, first-class quality, the pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction. And it is committed to use the high technology and professional knowledge to create the high-quality products to consumers. Colornow Cosmetic Limited, a unique expert to take care of your hair and skin, focuses on designing exceptional hair care and body care products for you. An outstanding and exceptional cosmetic MANUFACTURER – Colornow Cosmetic Limited, if you want to get more information to it, you are welcomed warmly.