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  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/14/2018

Distinguished and Exceptional Cosmetic Products Professional Hair Color Manufacturer and Supplier – Colornow Cosmetic Limited will PATICIPATE in COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2018 on 15th to 18th March 2018 (Tuesday – Sunday). We is dedicated to provide products of keeping Beautiful & Healthy HAIR.In the COSMOPROF, we will show our prominent brands of Yougee, Colorplex, Keratonz, Argan Deluxe, Kerafill, Cynos and so forth.


In the COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2018, our most well-known and influential brand Cynos will be show.Infused with lots of nurtive acids, the brand Cynos is created for cleaning and protecting the hair. Cynos is absolutely a remarkable and outstanding brand with lots of excellent hair products for moisturizing, caring, nourishing, hydrating or coloring the hair in a healthy and innocuous method.Also, Cynos is aimed at maintianing the heatlth of the hair in the process of coloring the hair.


Creatively manufactured by Colornow Cosmetic Limited, an exceptional and predominant hair products supplier and manufacturer, Keratonz is one of the most remarkable brands, famous for its outstanding features of coloring and maintaining the color of the hair, We have lots of series in Keratonz, inclusive of hair color, hair conditioner, hair treatment, hair musk, hair spray etc. to make your hair shinier and more beautiful. The most outstanding feature of Keratonz is its remarkable and obvious effect of coloring your hair with 14 colors available.


Similarly, designed creatively by Colornow Cosmetic Limited, a well-known cosmetic manufacturer and supplier, Argan De Luxe will participate in COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2018. The outstanding feature of Argan De Luxe is the use of the nutritive argan oil, which is called as ‘liquid gold’. With the high tech of extracting the argan oil, Argan De Luxe is definitely beneficial for moisturizing and protecting your hair in nature.


The exceptional Colorplexismade for reconnecting the broken disulfide and disulfide bonds in the hair to gets the keratin in the treatment process. The Colorplex system has three components, Bond Creator, Bond Fortifier and Bond Sustainer. With the combination of these three components, Colorplex is good for creatingthe new hair bondstoinsist the internal structure on the hair, strengtheningthe disulfide bonds tosmooththe hairandkeepingthe hair strong and healthy long after. Colorplex will be shown in COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2018.


In COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2018, there are lots of influential brands from Colornow Cosmetic Limited – a brilliant and excellent hair products manufacturer and supplier. We sincerely hope to see you in COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2018.