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Cynos, A Prominent Brand for Keeping Brilliance of Hair

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/16/2018


Prominent China oem shampoo factory – Colornow Cosmetic Limited launches a series of Cynos for caring the hair and keeping the hair healthier, more lustrous and more beautiful. All in all, Cynos, created by professional hair products supplier Colornow Cosmetic Limited, is a prominent and excellent brand for keeping brilliance and shine of the hair.


Bcharm Smoothing Down Straightener, manufactured creatively and remarkably by the unique and excellent hair products supplier – Colornow   Cosmetic Limited, is a kind of super styling and shaping hair cream for shaping and protecting the hair. It is beneficial for making it quick and easy to air dry hair with effortless control and helping provide effortless texture and providing lasting control with movement.


Under the brand of Cynos, Bcharm Resilience More Waving is for helping maintain moisture at the core of the hair, prevent weakening of the hair shafts and provide definition and long-lasting hold. Infused with a lot of nutritive oils and acids, Bcharm Resilience More Waving is dedicated to create the softness and gloss of the hair.


Bcharm Argan Spa Waving, infused with rich argan oil, is a hair product for helping promote stronger hair and enhance blood circulation in scalp. More importantly, it is conducive to help stimulate and increase growth of the blood capillaries around the root bulb. Bcharm Argan Spa Waving is made for keeping the hair healthier, shinier and softer.


Delicater Keratin Active Waving is manufactured to reduce the damage of the hair in the process of perming. It provides enough nutrition for protecting the hair in a healthy way. Moreover, it is good for helping deeply nourish and moisturize hair and replenish essential fatty acids.


Delicater Texture Max Waving, containing wheat proteins to nourish damaged hair fibers, is to protect the hair before perming. Also, providing the nutrition of shaping softness and shine, Delicater Texture Max Waving is good for helping stimulate cellular renewal and promote keratin formation.


Helping effectively repair and restructure hair in the process of perming hair, the products of Cynos is useful for repairing and protecting against split ends and smoothing down the hair. Cynos, aprominent brand for keeping brilliance of the hair, is dedicated to provide the excellent and high quality to all of you.