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Cynos Brand, Cool Art Modeling Series

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/16/2018


Created by Colornow Cosmetic Limited – an exceptional and prominent Hair gel manufacturer , Cool Art Modeling Series is a kind of excellent hair products under the brand of Cynos. Cynos, as we all know, is an outstanding and remarkable brand in Colornow Cosmetic Limited. The Cool Art Modeling Series is made for shaping, styling, protecting, moisturizing, nurturing, hydrating and repairing the hair.


Zappat Moisturizing Gel is manufactured by shaping and styling the hair style. It is beneficial for helping provide perfect balance of movement and control and visibly smooth hair fibers. Similarly, not only does Zappat Moisturizing Gel help enhance sleekness and shine, but also it helps protect color treated hair from heat damage.


The Zappat Curl Enhance of Cynos is for effectively maintaining the effect and wave of curly hair. It is also good for helping lock in moisture for humidity protection, detangle hair, and smooth hair cuticles.The Zappat Curl Enhance is best suited for all types of color treated curls.


Whipped and Textured Hair Wax is manufactured by nourishing and hydrating the hair. Also, it is beneficial for rebuilding the structure of the hair keratin and restoring fullness, bounce and vitality. Famous of thickening hair from the root to the ends, Whipped and Textured Hair Wax is good for repairing and protecting hair.


The main features of Rough and Shape up Hair Clay are to reduce and prevent breakage from chemical services, and soften the hair and promote shine. Free of silicones, oils, aldehydes, parabens and gluten, Rough and Shape up Hair Clay is beneficial for improving integrity of the hair and smoothing the hair and keep it frizz free.


The Zappat Hair Architect Mustard of Cynos is created for maintaining moisture at the core of the hair and preventing weakening of the hair shafts. The outstanding characteristic of Zappat Hair Architect Mustard is to provide soft and long-lasting hold.


The salient functions of Zappat Zero Hair Spray of Cynos are to protect the hair from the elements and enhance strand separation and definition. Infused with rich and nutritive oils and acids, Zappat Zero Hair Spray, suitable for all hair types, is for blocking humidity that causes frizz and making the hair more beautiful, healthier and shinier.


Under the brand of Cynos, the Cool Art Modeling Series is manufactured by Colornow Cosmetic Limited, a professional OEM Hair Care Products Manufacturer. Due to the excellent effects that they result, the Cool Art Modeling Series enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.