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Cynos Conditioners, A perfect treatment for your hair

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/15/2018

Manufactured by the exceptional and prominent hair conditioner factory – Colornow Cosmetic Limited, the conditioners of Cynos are famous for their quick and excellent effect of moisturizing and hydrating the hair. The conditioners of Cynos are not only dedicated to prevent the dull, frizzy and brittle hair, but they also focus on providing more nutrition and protect the hair from damage of chemicals.


Under the brand of Cynos, there are mainly four types of hair conditioner for fully caring the hair in an innocuous and healthy way. There are Intense Repair Conditioner, Shine’n Silky Conditioner, Color Extend Conditioner and Curl Refreshing Conditioner. In order to get a better effect, you are advised to use conditioners in combination with Cynos shampoos.


The Color Extend Conditioner is manufactured for not only helping protect the colored hair, but also for helping provide powerful antioxidant and UV protection. More importantly, the Color Extend Conditioner has an excellent effect of helping prevent hair color fade. Also, it is dedicated to enhance hair strength and elasticity.

The most salient charateristic of Curl Refreshing Conditioner is for shaping the curly hair and helping promote frizz-free, manageable hair. Meanwhile, it is not only good for helping nourish and strengthen hair, but also for helping enhance hair smoothness, softness and shine.


The Shine’n Silky Conditioner is beneficial for helping gently cleanse and hydrate hair. With the outstanding effect of reparing damaged strands from within, Shine’n Silky Conditioner helps address specific needs in the hair and seal hair cuticles.

The main feature of Intense Repair Conditioner is for repairing and smoothing the cuticle, and protecting your hair from damage. The nutritive and unique formula of Intense Repair Conditioner is that gently cleanses, repairs existing damage and protects the hair from dandruff.

Created by Colornow Cosmetic Limited, Conditioners of Cynos are series product for creating a rich lather to deep clarify the hair and easily rinsing away. Also, they helps thoroughly remove all build-up including, chlorine, hard water minerals, and styling residue. After using the Conditioner of Cynos, it helps rejuvenate and refresh the senses. Every conditioner has its own features, and you can choose what you want.