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Cynos Shampoo: Exotic Splendor to Your Hair

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/20/2018

Professionally manufactured and produced by Colornow Cosmetic Limited, the wholesale argan oil shampoo is an exceptional choice for you to bring the enticing scent of exotic destinations into your bathroom. Find out below what organic shampoos together with their magic ingredients can do for your hair.


Cynos Dandruff Clear Shampoo for Rebuilding the Beautiful Hair

The most outstanding feature of Cynos Dandruff Clear Shampoo is the quick and obvious effect of getting rid of the problem of dandruff. Expect shiny splendor for your hair when the nourishing ingredients of nutritive acids are added to all natural shampoo. Aside from the high ZPT content, Cynos Dandruff Clear Shampoo also contains extremely effective moisturizers for new highlights in even the most stressed hair. If your hair is fine or thin you may be delighted to learn that these moisturizing ingredients do not weigh down hair.


Cynos Deep Cleansing Shampoo for Effectively Cleansing the Hair

Without the ingredient of silicone oil, the Cynos Deep Cleansing Shampoo is created for cleansing the hair deeply and effectively and also keeps its shine and health. In the special formula, the shampoo come to the rescue of hair in dire need of TLC after one too many color treatments, too much sun or other damaging influences.


Cynos Natural Mint Shampoo for Relaxed Hair

The ingredient of mint is a symbol of sensuousness for cleaning the hair. The salient features of the mint are not only appeal to all senses but also nourish hair. There is little doubt that mint contains ample nutritive acids and is therefore regarded as antioxidants. In the presence of these powerful antioxidants, free radicals have no chance of surviving or damaging hair to its very core. Cynos Natural Mint Shampoo helps normal hair to weather the daily onslaught of damaging influences like UV light and hair processing procedures.


Cynos Shine’n Silky Shampoo for Soft Smooth Hair

Cynos Shine’n Silky Shampoo can strengthen and repair brittle hair. With its structure restored to natural smoothness, hair looks silky, smooth, strong and healthy once again. Acai berries also protect from free radicals. It actually contains lots of the nutritive acids and natural extracts to keep the hair more beautiful, shinier, softer and healthier.


Cynos Intense Repair Shampoo for Repairing and Strengthening the Hair

Using the unique and exceptional technology of Colornow Cosmetic Limited, Cynos Intense Repair Shampoo is manufactured for repairing and strengthening the dull, frizzy and damaged hair. Our formula contains the ingredients of the acids and natural nutrients, which is absolutely beneficial for keeping the hair shiny and beautiful.