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Exceptional Brands in Colornow Cosmetic Limited

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/22/2018

As a predominant and professional hair color manufacturer, Colornow Cosmetic Limited creatively launches a lot of outstanding and well–known brands which undoubtedly enjoy great prestiges around the world.

Famous for their high qualities and excellent effects, the hair products provided by Colornow Cosmetic Limited are good for coloring, perming, moisturizing, nourishing, hydrating and protecting your hair. More importantly, there is little doubt that Colornow Cosmetic Limited is dedicated to provide the most effective and useful products for all of you. Similarly, Colornow pays attention to the development of high technology, the selection of ingredients and the excellent qualities of the products.


Argan De Luxe, full of the nutritive argan oil, is one of the most influential brands in Colornow Cosmetic Limited. Argan oil, well-known as the name of golden oil, is actually a kind of precious oil which was merely used in the high ranks in the past. The formula of Argan De Luxe, selecting argan oil as its main ingredient, is effective for moisturizing and hydrating the hair in a damage-free process. Due to the quick effect and moisture of argan oil, Argan De Luxe enjoys good popularity abroad for its excellent care and protection.


Keratonz, a salient brand in Colornow Cosmetic Limited, is dedicated to color the hair which includes 14 kinds of colors available. Taking the excellent ingredients, Colornow Cosmetic aims at creating one of the most effective and damage-free hair color products for those who want to create their hair in brilliant colors. There is a series of products in Keratonz, from the dye of the hair to the care of the hair. Keratonz is famous for its quick, obvious and long-lasting effect.


Cynos is definitely one of the most dominant brands for making a good treatment to the hair. Cynos, suitable for all types of hair, is actually aimed at protecting, hydrating and moisturizing the dull, yellow, frizzy and damaged hair. With the high and excellent technology, Cynos becomes one of dispensable brands in the development of Colornow Cosmetic Limited.


Freecia, a brilliant brand in Colornow Cosmetic Limited, is a series of hair products made by lots of nutritive ingredients, such as golden olive oil, squalene, macadamia oil, almond oil and so forth. Infused with lots of nutrition, Freecia is good for nourishing and moisturizing the hair for all types of people. With the nourishment and moisture, Freecia is very popular among the customers, which makes it absolutely an exceptional brand of Colornow Cosmetic Limited.

As a professional and outstanding cosmetic products manufacturer and supplier, Colornow Cosmetic Limited, formally founded in 2002, has created a lot of brilliant brands which get good praises abroad. Nevertheless, Colornow Cosmetic Limited keeps going on the notion of providing the high-quality products and services and meeting the customers’ requirements. We will never let your down.