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Hair Wax: The Remarkable Styling Aid to Keep Your Hair in Health

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:04/11/2018

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Professionally created by the exceptional and outstanding hair conditioner factory – Colornow Cosmetic Limited, the hair WAX  of Cynos is one of the most influential hair protectors of your hair.

With the high tech of extraction and the environmental-friendly formula, apart from conditioning hair, wax, a styling product with extraordinary capabilities, is beneficial for enhancing hair volume, shine, structure and texture. This is a formidable list of benefits from the use of clear wax.

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Wax used for hair styling is a solid substance with qualities similar to hair gel. Thanks to the waxy nature, the styling aid does not stiffen hair. All through the day, your hair will remain bouncy and pliable. This is a definite plus for all who like to keep their hair soft, flexible and touchable. The conditioning effects of hair wax provide damaged hair with new shine, prevent hair from drying out and reduce hair breakage. Hair wax with different strength and hold is available for individual hairstyles.

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The Way to Use the Hair Wax:

1. Styling wax works well even if applied by styling novices. Wax may be applied to dry or wet hair, so wax hairstyles are easy to achieve.

2. Distribute the styling wax across the palms of your hands. The wax will melt due to your body temperature. The best way to use hair wax is in its melted state, since it can be evenly worked through your hair. Now the hair can be styled as desired.

The Tips for Using Hair Wax:

1. Avoid applying too much wax for your hair styling. Otherwise, your hair may look stringy and greasy. About a pea-sized amount of wax is enough for medium-length hair.

2. Apply the wax to your hair ends only by twirling the hair ends between your fingertips. This will give your wax hairstyle a lively look.

3.Both natural and styled curls are springier and hold the style longer after application of hair wax. Simply work the wax into the ends of your hair.

4. Work trace amounts of styling wax into the hair next to the roots. Then finish your hair wax style using a blow-dryer with diffuser attachment.

5. Distribute styling wax through your hair before tousling it for the undone look. For the final touch, you may like to accentuate strands of hair by twirling the ends of individual strands between your fingers.