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Keep the Dull-Looking Hair Away!

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/23/2018


Professionally manufactured by Colornow Cosmetic Limited-a brilliant and exceptional shampoo factory, shampoos series of Cynos are for effectively treating and protecting your hair in compelte healthy and professional formulas.


It is well-known that healthy looking beautiful hair is important for women everywhere. The luster of softly flowing strands of hair has its special attraction. Modern hair care products and shampoo for shiny hair can instantly give hair the desired luster. We explain how to restore the health and shine to your hair with Cynos shampoos produced by Colornow Cosmetic Limited.


In lots of various conditions, such as stress, vitamin deficiency, hard water, UV rays, perming, dyeing, coloring or chemical treated, the hair may loss its health and shine, which make it dull-looking. Only healthy hair with smooth outer cuticles will reflect light. It is this light reflection to which hair owes its deep shine. Shampoos of Cynos, which is manufactured by Colornow Cosmetic Limited with high technology and nutritive ingredients, can help restore the shine and health of the hair.


Emergency Care to Restore Luster And Health to the Dull Hair


After styling, such as perming, dyeing or coloring, it is necessary to use extra-gloss hair spray which absolutely contains light-reflecting ingredients as well as provides instant luster and nutrition in conjunction with Cyons hair shampoo.


Leave-in conditioners and hair oil restore the hair’s supple nature and add shine. Special hair care products with keratin and certain shampoos used to make hair shiny help to strengthen hair and keep structural damage.

After washing your hair with series of Cynos shampoos, it is important to allow your hair to air-dry or towel-dry Drying with warm or hot air will distort the cuticle layer around the hair. This and the excessive loss of moisture dull your hair. 


Methods to Keep the Luster and Health in Your Hair for the Duration

Hair needs to be healthy to show its natural luster. The regular use of hair conditioners, shine shampoos and treatments goes a long way toward keeping the luster in your hair.

Residual styling products in the hair will dull its shine. Therefore, it is important to Cynos shampoo your hair thoroughly. Brushing your hair before bedtime also removes excessive styling products. As additional benefit, brushing stimulates the sebum production. Use conditioner and hair mask after shampooing your hair. Shampoos weaken the hair’s outer cuticle layer while conditioners help to restore their natural smooth configuration.

Cynos is undoubtedly one of the most influential brands in Colornow Cosmetic Limited, which is well-known for its excellent, quick and obvious effect. Choose Cynos, say goodbye to the dull-looking hair.