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Keratonz, A brand for creating brilliant colors for all of you!

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:03/12/2018

Colornow Cosmetic Limited, a prominent and professional hair color manufacturer has established a salient and outstanding brand Keratonz for reshaping and creating the new hair colors especially for those who are eager to color and dye their hair with brilliant and vibrant colors. More importantly, the concept of Colornow Cosmetic Limited is not only to manufacture a series of products for creating charming and brilliant colors, but also to produce the products good for locking color effectively.


(We have a series of Keratonz for coloring brilliant colors.)

Professional Hair Manufacturer, Colornow Cosmetic Limited, manufactures Keratonz with a series of shampoos, muds, treatments, creams etc. for dyeing bling-bling colors for the hair.

It is so common that people will worry about the damage hair through the process of coloring hair. However, Keratonz is dedicated to manufacture products in a total damage-free and environmental-friendly formula, so it is not necessary to care the damage of the hair. The series of Keratonz are not only beneficial for coloring the hair and locking the color to make the effect long-lasting, but also preventing the hair from the damage of dyeing.

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There are mainly Keratonz Color Lock Shampoo, Keratonz Cleanse+ Extreme Color Shampoo and Simply Smooth Xtend Color Lock Keratin Replenishing Shampoo under the brand of Keraton. There are 13 types of colors available, romantic purple, magenta, charming red, blue magic, shining silver, plum, mysterious black, sand golden, mocha brown, purple rain, emerald green, tangerine and yellow passion.

The shampoos of Keratonz are good for coloring and changing the hair in bling-bling, lustrous and beautiful colors. Keratonz Color Lock Shampoo is famous for its excellent effect of keeping the color of the hair, which makes the hair shinier and more beautiful. Deep clean, effective protection and useful coloring are the salient characteristics of Keratonz Cleanse+ Extreme Color Shampoo. Simply Smooth Xtend Color Lock Keratin Replenishing Shampoo is beneficial for dyeing the hair and reshaping the brilliance and shine of the hair.

More importantly, the innovative creation of Keratonz is to provide the innocuous, environmental-friendly, suitable and affordable products for all of customers.


Keratonz Non-toxic Hair Cream and Semi permanent colorful natural hair color cream are professional and salient hair products to dye the color on the hair and concentrate on making the hair more beautiful and healthier. There are 14 types of colors available, so you can choose the color you want. More significantly, Keratonz’s notion is to protect your hair in an effective way, so when you use the creams to color your hair, there is no harm to your hair.


Keratonz Hair Color Mud, Keratonz Natural Instincts Shine Happy Clear Hair Color Treatment and Keratonz Color Energy Magic Treatment are hair care products that all of you couldn’t miss. They are beneficial for moisturizing and nurturing your hair and protecting the color of your hair that you have dyed.

In other words, Keratonz Hair Color Mud and Keratonz Color Energy Magic Treatment are beneficial for coloring and caring for the hair. They are manufactured for helping protect and color the hair with brilliant colors.

Keratonz, an outstanding and unique brand of Colornow Cosmetic Limited, is a brand for creating brilliant colors for all of you. Similarly, Colornow Cosmetic Limited enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.