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Is it more effective to apply hair color to wet or dry hair?

  • source:Colornow;
  • Time:10/24/2018

In the beauty discovery field, the operation process that dye spreads, stylist some can use dry send to dye, some can use the wet ship to dye, everybody's habit is different, argument is different, due to the fact this ordinary meeting has a student to ask which kind of operation way is better? What's the difference? Today COLORNOW hair dye supplier will introduce you this.

oem-hair-dyeTherefore, the way of dyeing hair is additionally changing. When students come up with it, I will also ask their views and thoughts and understand their wondering logic. I will do it in a way of feeling or with a theoretical discussion in order to make theoretical and cultural arguments in innovative thinking.

In fact, in the method of dyeing agent, I individually assume it is extra widespread to paint the hair in the dry condition. The most important motives are:
The factor is that in moist hair, water dilutes the awareness of hydrogen peroxide. For example: when we use 30VOL hydrogen peroxide, our hydrogen peroxide concentration will be decreased due to the fact the hair is colored in a moist condition, and less than 30VOL is left, so we can't obtain the favored effect.

2. Because there is nonetheless water in the moist hair, it will affect the hair's absorption of the dye pigment, making the shade of the dye more unsaturated.

3. Operate the color on the moist hair, in addition to making the color of the dye cream extra unsaturated, you will also notice that the color dyed will have an uneven condition.

4. As it will affect the absorption of pigment, it will be easier to fade, fade gloss and brightness in the future.
As for coloring moist hair, the designer feels:
A wet one is higher to daub.

Compared with store dyestuff, much less amount of dyestuff used to be used.

It's wet and might not damage your hair.
In addition to the above analysis, there are also designers of dyeing unique colors, such as gray, silver gray, or lilac. Although this method can correctly acquire the desired color, because the color unsaturated, in fact, will fade quickly.

Through the above share, stylish human beings can use the way that he approbates to operate, I am greater inclined to use dry hair chromatically, because the pigment that dye cream can be absorbed safely already, can make the color that dye comes out is extra saturated, of direction, examine no longer to allow fade color also is key.

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