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Outstanding Advantages of Colornow Cosmetic Limited

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Limited;
  • Time:04/26/2018

Colornow Cosmetic Limited is the first hair care factory got GMPC Certificate in China. With years of professional hair care and body care products manufacturing experience followed GMPC, and ISO standard, Colornow Cosmetic Limited has strong confidence in providing high quality products with competitive prices.

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Our main products include hair color cream (permanent hair color dye, temporary hair color cream, semi-permanent hair color cream), shampoo, hair conditioner, perming, styling, body wash, body lotion, body scrub, etc.

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Our monthly production capability is 1,200 tons. We have three automatic color cream filling production lines, eight automatic liquid and cream filling production lines, four Hitachi ink jet printers, eight automatic vacuum emulsification boilers, two automatic labeling machines, one tridimensional packer and an advanced waste water processor which regenerates waste water above 15 metric tons.

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Our Sale Net includes Eastern Europe, North America, Mid East/Africa, Central/South America, Asia, Western Europe and Australasia.

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COLORNOW has set up a lab in Toronto where the latest raw materials and technologies are developed, keeping COLORNOW stay at the leading edge of hair cosmetic filed. What’s more, COLORNOW derived from a raw material and technical solution provider in hair beauty industry, once accounted for 70% of the national raw material sales in China. The long-time involvement in hair cosmetics endowed COLORNOW with the most technology and marketing advantages, making it one of the most competitive suppliers for hair products.