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Partnership with Colornow Cosmetic Limited: We Want You!

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  • Time:04/12/2018

Colornow Cosmetic Co., Ltd. is a professional and exceptional cosmetic hair care factory and supplier. We is dedicated to manufacture high-quality and excellent hair products to foreign importers, commercial agents and so forth. Formally established in 2002, Colornow Cosmetic Limited developed from a raw material company which provides hair color cream, technology and service. As our technology consummated, we now own a competitive position in the hair-products field.

Locating in Guangzhou, our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has more than 100 employees. Our management teams are our most valuable resource, contributing their professional expertise to sales, service, and support every day. Colornow has also set up a laboratory in Toronto, Canada, dedicated to the research and development of hair products tailored to the high end markets.

We have seven main Departments including R&D Department, Manufacturing Department, Quality Control Department, Sales Department, Ministry of Personnel, warehouse and dyeing powder preparation center.

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Our main products include hair color cream, shampoo, hair conditioner, perm, styling and body care products.Our monthly production capability is 1, 200 metric tons. We have three automatic color cream filling production lines; eight automatic shampoo and condition filling production lines; four Hitachi ink jet printers; eight automatic vacuum emulsification boilers; one automatic labeling machine; one tridimensional packer and an advanced waste water processor which regenerates waste water above 40 metric tons.

Colornow Cosmetic Limited has perfected logistics system, including product safety inspection, customs declaration and logistic supportto ship cargos safely and efficiently by air, sea and overland transportation to any place in the world.

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The adoption of ISO 9001:2008 and GMP authentication is an assurance for the products quality. With strong R&D capabilities and strict quality control, we are dedicated to create the national brands to bring the beauty to you.

Colornow, a raw material and technology solution provider for hair beauty industry gives a mature leading edge to technologies and updated industry information. The close co-operation with research institutes in the mainland and abroad also grants great support on the development of new high-tech products.

We sincerely would like to establish the partnership with you. We are professional in manufacturing the high-quality hair products with high tech and similarly we ensure the excellent services to all of you.

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