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The Brilliant Achievements in 2017

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  • Time:04/02/2018

For Colornow Cosmetic Limited, a professional and exceptional hair products manufacturer and supplier, the special 2017 is a brilliant and fortunate year that Colorow Cosmetic gets great success and achievements.

In 2017, Colornow Cosmetic Limited continuouslyconcentrates on the notion of “people-oriented, first-class quality, the pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction”. It is undoubted that Colornow Cosmetic Limited creatively designed lots of influential and salient brands, which enjoy great prestige among the customers. The products manufactured professionally by Colornow Cosmetic Limited are famous for their quick effects and high qualities. The brands, inclusive of Argan De Luxe, Keratonz, Cynos, Freecia, Yougee, are well-sale overseas and get the high praises from the customers. 


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In 2017, Colornow Cosmetic Limited unceasingly has kept moving on the fields of innovation and product research to provide high-quality products and excellent services for you. We make efforts on researching and developing the most effective and environmental-friendly hair products. More importantly, we pay attention to build up our online shop, a convenient selling channel of Colornow Cosmetic Limited, which similarly get great success.


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What’s more, in 2017, Colornow has participated in lots of exhibitions, such as Canton Fair and Mexica EBS. All of the exhibitions in 2017 were undoubtedly successful. The products designed creatively in Colornow enjoyed great popularity because of their exceptional and predominant effects.

In 2017, there is little doubt that Colornow Cosmetic Limited, a professional and predominant hair products manufacturer, is greatly successful. However, we know, we are far from perfect, but we never give up pursuing perfect. Colornow Cosmetic Limited always tries to produce the best products and provides the excellent services.


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On the arrival of the 2018, Colornow Cosmetic Limited would like to sincerely express our best wishes and warmest greetings for all of you. We greatly appreciate your support and your business to Colornow Cosmetic Limited. We sincerely wish all of you, and those whom you love and care for, a very happy new year.