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The Profile Colornow Cosmetic Limited

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  • Time:04/26/2018

Colornow is the first hair care factory got GMPC Certificate in China. With years of professional hair care and body care products manufacturing experience followed GMPC, and ISO standard, Colornow Cosmetic Limited has strong confidence in providing high quality products with competitive prices. In 2010, we set up production facility and laboratory in Toronto, Canada. Our hair color factory is dedicated in the development and production of our high-end products, which gives our clients an alternative for Made-in-Canada products.

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Colornow Cosmetic Limited provides you with the opportunity to private label hair color dye cream and develops custom formulas. Private label and wholesale hair color cream is one of our most popular selling products. We also have an experienced and attention oriented team that will assist you in every step of your personal brand startup. Research and development services, design services, and attentive project managers are all available to you.