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The Promotion of COSMOPROF

  • source:Colornow Cosmetic Co., LTD.;
  • Time:03/07/2018

Professional hair treatment supplier, Colornow Cosmetic Limited generally participated in some worldwide cosmoprof shows, inclusive of Italian Cosmoprof, Shanghai Cosmoprof, Canton Fair, Dubai Cosmoprof, Fashion Show in Las Vegas, Brazil Cosmoprof, Indian Cosmoprof, Hong Kong Cosmoprof etc. Colornow Cosmetic Limited is qualified to participate in lots of international shows, which means that our products win the approval of the official organization.

In the last year, Colornow Cosmetic Limited will participate in Hong Kong Cosmoprof on 15th – 17th November, 2017. It was not our first time to participate in Hong Kong Cosmoprof. Colornow Cosmetic Limited, enjoying a good reputation among consumers, always participates in kinds of shows. The products manufactured by Colornow Cosmetic Limited are popular for all kinds of people.


In the Cosmoprof, our professional products, such as the well-known brands Keratonz and Argan De Luxe, are the flagship products in Colornow Cosmetic Limited. In this show, Colornow launched some new products, such as Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo, Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner, Argan Oil Permanent Hair Color, Argan Oil Refreshing and Shining Hair Spray, Keratonz Color Lock Shampoo, Keratonz Cleanse+ Extreme Color Shampoo, Keratonz Hair Color Mud, Keratonz Color Energy Magic Treatment etc.


Argan De Luxe and Keratonz are well-sale brands in Colornow Cosmetic Limited, and they enjoyed a salient fame at home and abroad. They are famous for their useful products. Colornow Cosmetic Limited is dedicated to manufacture the effective and healthy products for consumers.


All of these products are created in a damage-free notion. Colornow Cosmetic Limited struggles for providing the healthy and environmental-friendly products to some consumers. For Colornow Cosmetic Limited, the most important principle is to meet the requirement to consumers. In this Hong Kong Cosmoprof, Colornow Cosmetic Limited provided, as usual, a lot of best-sale and effective hair care products.

As an international company, Colornow Cosmetic Limited usually participates in lots of large exhibitions to introduce our high quality products to other countries. We have lots of experience of exportation. With the support of consumers, Colornow Cosmetic Limited will continuously keep going and keep moving in the future to create more effective and healthy products for all of you.